Blockbuster Movies That Would Make Great Slots

Movie tie-ins are in everything these days and when it comes to casino slots, they are proving to be more popular that other casino games. The inclusion of bonus features make them entertaining and exciting and you never know when you’ll hit the big jackpot prize.

If you haven’t played slots for real money but would like to test them out, we recommend looking for no deposit codes that let you play for free whilst still being able to win cash prizes. It’s the ultimate way to test out an online casino and there are lots of sites that offer no deposit bonuses free spins & more. Free spins are also offered with welcome packages and they can be tied to a specific slot, or a selection of games.

We already have some epic casino slots based on Hollywood blockbusters including Gladiator, Superman the Movie, Superman II, Man of Steel, Justice League, The Dark Knight, Planet of Apes, Highlander, Rocky and Pink Panter, but there are so many other great movies that could make excellent slots too. In this post we’re going to look at 5 movies that would make epic casino slots and the exciting bonus features that could be included in them.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Dead Man’s Chest was released in 2006 and has grossed $1,066,179,725 over its lifetime so far and we think it would make an awesome casino slot. With 5 reels and lots of paylines, with cinematic clips on every win. Symbols would include the main characters of Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swan, as well as the Black Pearl, Treasure chests, and lots of ghostly crew. Bonus features could include multipliers, free spins, expanding wilds, and a bonus game where you get to fight against ghostly pirates to recover the heart of Davy Jones.
Avengers Infinity War

One of the great Marvel universe movies, Avengers: Infinity War was released in 2018 and has grossed $2,048,359,754 worldwide. In this epic adventure, the Avengers and their allies have to fight against Thanos before he destroys 50% of the World’s population. This movie saw all our favorite characters from the various Marvel movies come together in an epic battle. We think it would make an excellent casino slot with so many great features to offer. There could be There could be a random/click me feature that offers cash prizes or respins. A free spins bonus feature like that of the Game of Thrones slot from Microgaming where the number of free spins isn’t fixed and players get to choose from a range of free spins with multipliers. For example, they could opt for 25 free spins with a 2x multiplier or 10 free spins with an 8x multiplier. There could be a Pick ‘Em bonus game where players are taken to a second screen and have to choose Infinity Stones to win cash prizes, multipliers, or free spins. If they uncover Thanos the bonus round ends. Symbols on the reels would include all our favorite characters including Iron Man, Thor, Captain American, Black Panther, Hulk, Black Widow, Loki, Nebula, and more. Be sure to check out our Avengers: Endgame theory to see how we think the movie series will end.

Back to the Future

Back to the Future released in 1985 and featured Marty McFly who travels back in time in a DeLorean invented by his friend Doc Brown. The movie was so successful that two more followed. In the first movie, Marty has to make sure his parents meet and fall in love so that he can return to the future. The total worldwide gross for this movie was $381,109,762. We think it would make a great casino slot with lots of bonus features including multipliers, free spins, expanding wilds, and maybe even a bonus skill game where Marty hit the right notes to get his parents dancing.


Avatar released in 2009 and is the number one ranking movie of all time. It has grossed $2,787,965,087 during its lifetime and brought CGI to life in a way we’d never seen before. The plot sees paraplegic marine Jake Sully being dispatched to Pandora where he has to choose between helping the native Na’vi people or following Colonel Quaritch’s orders. As a video slot we think Avatar would be fantastic. Not only could it include clips from the movie, but some great characters on the reels too. We’d expect it to include Jake Sully, Neytiri, Dr Grace Augustine and our villain Colonel Quaritch. We’d also expect to find superb visuals and animations, so the symbols come to life whenever you hit a winning combination. For bonus features, there would be scatters to trigger free spins, wilds that are sticky, expanding, or stacked, and some great multipliers too. We’d love to see a bonus battle style game where Jake in his avatar takes on Colonel Quaritch.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter movies could make for some really great slots games and with all the movies to choose from, it would be tough. For the purpose of this article we have chosen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 which released in 2011 and has grossed $1,341,693,157 during its lifetime so far. This is the final part of the movie franchise and sees Harry, Ron, and Hermione search for Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes so they can finally defeat the Dark Lord. Characters to feature in the video slot would include Voldemort, Dumbledore, Snape, Harry, Ron, Hermione, along with death eaters, and more. Video clips and even animations could be included when you hit a winning combination and it would be great to see this as a progressive jackpot slot too. We’d love to see a trail bonus game included too where players would be taken to a second screen to spin a wheel or roll a dice to move the characters along a prize trail where can win cash prizes, free spins, multipliers, and more. If they get to the end of the trail, they win the jackpot prize. Another great feature could be a combat round where Harry gets to fight Voldemort for a jackpot prize. We would expand standard bonus features like free spins, wilds, scatters, multipliers and respins in what would be a truly epic casino slot.

As you can see, there are some great existing and new blockbuster movies that would make epic casino slots and when it comes to software providers willing to make them, we will be keeping a close eye on Microgaming and Playtech who have already embraced the movie genre in their video slots collection.

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